Wire Ropes

Steel Wire Ropes

  • hot dip galvanized of the constructions 1×7, 1×19, 6×7+FC, 7×7, 6×19+FC, 7×19, 6×37+FC, WS6×36+FC, WS6×36+IWRC, S6×19+FC, S6×19+IWRC, 35×7, 19×7.
  • stainless steel AISI 316/A4 of the constructions 1×19 , 7×7, 7×19
  • in polyvinyl chloride PVC or polyamide (PA) coating in any color available in the RAL table or transparent

Depending on our customer’s wishes, all offered types of ropes can be confected into spools, reels and coils respectively

Steel-polypropylene Combination Ropes


  • Fishing industry – trawling ropes
  • Children’s playgrounds – climbing nets, stork nests, rope pyramids

Wire Rope Packaging Services

  • lubrication
  • labeling
  • marking
  • wire rope end fusing or welding
  • wire lock socket application


We manufacture the slings of the following types:

  • wire rope F, FK, FKH, FKSH, FKS,1-,2-,3- and 4-leg slings
  • FO (endless circuit wire rope slings clamped with the ferrule)
  • Flat braided slings
  • flemish eye
  • braided slings
  • chain 1-,2-,3- and 4-leg slings
  • webbing slings
  • hose webbing slings

Lifting Equipment

We offer wide range of lifting equipment, such as:


  • eye
  • container
  • shortening
  • swivel
  • clevis
  • safety


  • eye-eye
  • hook-hook
  • eye-hook
  • shackle-shackle


  • omega shackles with single or double protection
  • oblong shackles with single or double protection

Bow Clips

  • standard – PN EN 13411-5 (former DIN 741)
  • strengthened – PN EN 13411-5


  • standard – DIN 6899B
  • strengthened – PN-EN 13411-1 (DIN 3090)
  • solid – DIN 3091

Wire Rope and Chain Master Links

  • single
  • assembly

Cylindrical and Conical Ferrules

  • aluminum
  • brass
  • steel

Special Products

Products Applied in Interior Design and Architecture

  • wire curtain hanging systems
  • wire ropes systems for climbing plants
  • balustrade fasteners
  • wire rope bike locks
  • chain bike locks
  • decorative stainless steel nets
  • customs ropes

AIR DOME Constructions

Manufacturing of the AIR DOME constructions

We make the stainless and galvanized steel wire rope (including also the PVC coated ropes) constructions of recreational and sports pneumatic halls (indoor football pitches, tennis halls, etc.). In accordance with the wishes of the customer and the requirements resulting from the object design, we make nets whose size of the eye can range from a few centimeters to even several meters. The area of the halls we assembly exceeds 10,000 square meters, which corresponds to the dimensions of a football pitch.


We provide safety services, such as:

  • inspection and maintenance of the slings being operated
  • consulting on the selection of wire ropes appropriate for a particular lifting equipment and its target use
  • maintenance and renovation of the wire ropes at the customer’s workplace
  • non-standard long strands of the wire ropes used as a construction of ski lifts
  • consulting on innovative and unconventional products